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Community Summit Summup

Zingg engages frats

Four hundred people representing virtually every part of the Chico community attended a gathering on the Chico State campus last Friday to collaborate on actions we can take to change Chico’s increasingly out-of-control drinking culture. Attendees ranged from the Chico State and Butte College student bodies, fraternities and sororities, parents and University officials, to members of the Chico City Council, Chico Police and EMTs, to downtown bar owners, retail sellers of alcohol, apartment building owners, as well as a healthy dose of average Chico community members like me.

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Hello, My Name is Chico, And I Have A Drinking Problem

Chico Drinking

Mason Sumnicht, a pledge to Sigma Pi at Chico State, died on November 15th after a night of heavy drinking at local bars. He was celebrating his 21st birthday by drinking 21 shots with the help of his fraternity brothers. His life ended with severe brain damage and 12 days of life support in the hospital. The tragedy of the loss of a young man with his whole life ahead of him cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, such a tragic event is not as uncommon in Chico as it should be. This was the fourth alcohol-related student death in the fall semester—Shawn Summa, Brett Olson, and Carly Callaghan all lost their lives in the last four months.

These are just a few of the highest profile cases in recent months, but the list goes on and on—drunk driving, hazings, sexual assaults, rapes, drownings, alcohol poisonings, stabbings—crimes related directly to the high rate of alcohol consumption by students and the community at large.

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